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Does paying for a renewal change N-number ownership?

No. This service does not sell (change ownership of) N-numbers. The service provides for renewing and extending an N-numbers' expiration date.

What is an N-number?

All civil aircraft have clearly marked registration numbers that function much like an automobile license plate. In the United States they start with “N”. This code also appears in aircraft registration certificates.

What is a “Reserved” N-number?

An N-number that has been “Reserved” (held) by an individual or business for future use (not “assigned” to an aircraft). Reserved N-numbers must be renewed annually, or they will expire and become available for anyone to reserve. We automatically renew “reserved” n-numbers.

What is an “Assigned” N-number?

An N-number that is in-use on a registered aircraft. Assigned N‑numbers are not renewable, but the aircraft registration is renewable. We do NOT renew aircraft registrations.

What is the primary difference between a “Reserved" and “Assigned" N-number?

  • “Reserved” N-numbers are not in use, but are being held for future use, and must be renewed annually, or they will expire.
  • “Assigned" N-numbers are in-use on an aircraft, and not renewable, but the aircraft registration is renewable.

What Service do you provide?

We automatically organize, track, and annually renew reserved N-numbers year-after-year. We automatically stop renewing when an N-number is assigned to an aircraft.

How do you renew N-numbers?

We have developed our own proprietary software that automatically renews N-numbers online via the FAA website.

How long have you been renewing N-numbers?

We initially developed automatic renewal software in 2013 for private use. In January 2020 we started offering the Service to the public (individuals, businesses, corporate flight departments, airlines, title & escrow companies, manufacturers, etc).

What assurance do I have that Renew My N-number will work?

  • We've been doing it since 2013 with a 100% success rate
  • Our software is continually monitored and checked for compatibility with the FAA's online renewal portal
  • A human verifies the process as a redundant safety net
  • We always renew early, leaving plenty of time to resolve and proceed

Are you the only automated N-number renewal service?

Automated....yes. But the FAA does mail a postcard reminding you to renew, which doesn’t always arrive in time. Most aircraft title & escrow companies offer an N-number renewal service which is processed manually, by a human, and costs more.

Is it possible to renew N-numbers that are not mine?

Yes. We will renew any N-number in your account.

How long can I keep a "Reserved" N-number?

There is no limit, as long as the N-number is renewed annually.

How early does Renew My Number process renewals?

Up to 90 days (maximum permissible) prior to the “purge date” shown in the FAA record.

Does an early renewal change the “purge date” or future renewals?


Will an N-number continue to be automatically renewed after an address or name changes?

Yes, for as long as it is in "reserved" status. You may also choose to stop renewing the N-number.

Can an address change be made during renewal?


What if I "Assign" my N-number to an aircraft while signed-up for automatic renewals?

When an N-number status changes from "Reserved" to "Assigned", that specific N-number will not be automatically renewed via our Service, and you will not be charged. No action is required on your part.

How is an N-number renewed that is on an aircraft?

Once an N-number has been assigned to an aircraft, the aircraft registration is renewed, not the N-number. And as long as the aircraft registration remains current, the N-number remains with the aircraft. An aircraft registration is renewed every three years.

Do you renew aircraft registrations?


How do I sign up to have my N-number automatically renewed?

  • use the search feature to locate & select the N-number(s) to be renewed
  • proceed to checkout
  • follow the prompts

Where are the search results from?

FAA Aircraft Registry database, and are typically no more than 24 hours old?

Are all N-numbers included in Search results?


What type of N-numbers will NOT appear in search results?

  • Assigned (in use on an aircraft)
  • Not yet reserved (available for reservation)
  • “Cancelled / Not Assigned” (five year “hold”)

Is an account required to search for my N-numbers?

No. You can search for N-numbers, add them to your cart, and even continue through checkout, without having an account, or logging into your account.

Is an account required before my N-numbers can be renewed?

Yes. If you checkout without having an account, or logging into an existing account, we will create a new account for you during the payment processing.

Where can I locate special N-numbers available to “reserve” for future use?

Several options are available on our Links page.

Do you sell personal data collected on your website?


Is there a sign-up fee, minimum subscription length, or contract?

No extra or hidden fees, no minimum, no contract,….come & go as you please.

What are my payment options?

  • ACH Transfer (automatic)
  • Credit card (automatic)
  • Check

What does ACH mean?

Automatic Clearing House

What is an ACH Payment or ACH Transfer?

Electronic bank-to-bank payments, similar to how most people automatically pay their utility bills.....sign up and forget about it.

If paying by check, how are multiple annual renewals accounted for?

Simply include an amount that corresponds to the number of years you’d like annual renewal.

Is there a delay between when I sign-up and automatic renewals are processed?

Yes. We will renew your N-number(s) after your payment has been successfully completed. In some cases, this could take a week.

How is my payment information protected?

We do not collect or store payment information. We use third-party payment processors to verify, process, and store, all payment information. Please refer to our "Privacy Policy" for a detailed explanation.

Is bulk pricing available (quantity discounts)?

Yes. For more info, please make a request via the Contact page.

Are any other billing methods available?

Yes. For more info, please make a request via the Contact page.

I created an account, but cannot login?

  • Try the Recover Password link, which uses either your Account ID or the email address associated with your account.
  • If still unsuccessful, use the Contact page, send us a message, and please include your phone number.

How do I speak to a human?

Send us a message via the Contact page, and request to speak to a human…..please include your phone number.

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