We Automatically Renew “Reserved” N-numbers

Every year, hundreds of “Reserved” N-numbers are lost simply because they were not renewed in time. The FAA does not offer an automatic renewal option.   We do!

What is the difference between a “Reserved” and “Assigned” N-number?

  • Reserved: an N-number that is being held in an individual name, or business name, for future use. Reserved N‑numbers must be renewed annually, or they will expire and become available for anyone to reserve.   We automatically renew “Reserved” N‑numbers.
  • Assigned: an N-number that is currently in-use on a registered aircraft. Assigned N‑numbers are not renewable, but the aircraft registration is renewable.   We do NOT renew aircraft registrations.

Whether you have one reserved N-number, or you are a business that is managing a large inventory of N‑numbers, we automatically renew “Reserved” N‑numbers year after year, and automatically stop renewing after being assigned to an aircraft.   Sign-up with us and forget about it.

Never worry again if the FAA's renewal reminder postcard is going to arrive.

Don’t let your "Reserved" N-number expire, and risk losing it!

Annual automatic renewal fee, per N-number:

  • $50 (includes $10 FAA fee)
  • Bulk pricing available
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